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hey everyone...i just found this community and, let me tell you, i am… - TCBY workers unite!

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February 1st, 2005

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03:26 pm
hey everyone...i just found this community and, let me tell you, i am very happy to have done so.
ive worked at a tcby in texas for the past 10 months, and my yogurt-serving career has definitley had its ups and downs.
so...what are your favorite (im sarcastic, i cant help it...) things customers consistently ask/or say to you?

some of mine are:
******when asked if when they said vanilla, if they wanted vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt...(and i always point to the dipping cabinent and the taylor machines) "uhh i dont know, whats the difference?"

******when asked if they would like the small, regular, or large serving of yogurt/ice cream in their waffle cone..."just give me whatever fits in there." or "just give me that one." gahhhh, all three of the sizes fit in this cone...that is why i asked you. and i planned on giving you this cone...you asked for it, remember? that is why it is in my hand. duh.

******when people say "i want white chocolate mousse." and then look at you smugly, or turn around and start chatting with someone theyre with, or walk away to get a table or use the restroom...yeah, im not sure if you know this ma'am-sir but you have to tell me what you want me to put your yogurt in. unless of course you just want me to squirt the WCM into my cupped palm and hand it to you at the register...and even then i need to know approx. how much you want so i know how to charge you. kthanks.

those are just three of the things that annoy me the most...anyone got anymore?

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Date:June 27th, 2005 05:18 pm (UTC)
Hi I work at the TCBY in rock hill and it blows - I have been there off and on since 98. Boy, we get some stupid customsers too...

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